Ann L. Physician and Professor

I'd hire Kris in a heartbeat.  Her precision with language, logic and detail is on a rare par with attention and commitment to deadlines -- a promising combination for a consummate editorial partner.

Robert S. Pharma Company Executive

It has been my pleasure to work with Kris for many years.  She is a skilled, self-motivated person who consistently meets her deadlines.  Her writing is concise, thoughtful, focused, and clear. I highly recommend her work.

Michael M. Consultant

I have worked with Kris as a team member on a couple major projects.  She has two keys skills that are critical for a writer in a team setting.  First, Kris is exceptional at setting context and identifying the key goals for her writing.  Second, she is an exceptional writer providing substantive content in a concise and effective manner.  I recommend her without hesitation.

Ann S. Pharma Company Physician

Kris is a clear and logical thinker and will provide you with very high quality scientific documents. Kris works extremely well under pressure, always meets deadlines and provides useful and relevant input to colleagues and stakeholders.   Kris is also very good at coordinating/ensuring that all relevant opinions are considered. She is a consensus builder and always ensures that the data are accurately presented. I recommend Kris unconditionally.

Steven S. Pharma Company Physician

Kris has a keen sense for distilling complex topics and analyses into submission-ready abstracts and manuscripts, and in a timely manner. She was a highly regarded member of cross-functional authorship teams, whose contributions added greatly to the teams' collaborations.

Abhi O. Researcher, MPH

Kristine did an excellent job of condensing my thesis to a manuscript for publication which can be a daunting task. She was always on point and had a very good system of working with me. I would highly recommend Kristine for her professionalism, knowledge base and timely delivery of projects. ”  


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